Family Bible Hour (Weekly)

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Sunday 9:45 am

We have classes for all ages during our Family Bible Hour. Not only are there classes for the children, but an exciting class for teens. In the auditorium you will find a class for adults. Our goal in our classesis to not only teach the Scriptures, but to make them applicable for one's life.

Treasure Hunters (Weekly)


Wednesday 7:00 pm

This is for children in grades 1-6. The program teaches the truth about God's word and promotes to instill Biblical principles in children's lives.

This is done in an exciting and intriguing manner that encourages children to grow in their faith.

Flickers (Weekly)


Wednesday 7:00 pm

This is for preschoolers. A time where the "little ones" are taught the Scriptures at their levels. It is fun and rewarding!

E.B.C. Youth Group (Weekly)


Wednesday 7:00 pm

Our group strives for personal growth for our youth, and helping them get involved in ministering inside and outside our local church.